Content Management System (CMS)

A company, which is looking for profit and its goals, will rarely choose an open source CMS. It is unsafe, inconvenient, increases the company's costs. Based on the analysis, we have developed a closed-source content management system (CMS / CMS) for the business segment, which requires basic computer knowledge to manage. Not only will it simplify work with an online website or electronic store, but at the same time will make it faster and more efficient from any device. Thanks to it, you can concentrate on the main thing - increasing your profits.


Closed code system in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish languages

In order to meet customer needs, the content management system is adapted to manage four languages. Also, the most commonly asked questions are that even if you forget the basic management functions, you can check them at any time.

Simplified management
Content Management System (CMS) has been built around a business segment. As we have mastered the fact that an entrepreneur is a person who appreciate his time in a long time experience, we can quickly and easily change the information. For example, when you upgrade your products to an online store, they can be written up immediately in multiple languages, saving you plenty of your valuable time.

Faster website performance
The rapid functioning of the site today is a crucial factor in maintaining the site's customers. Websites with our CMS have one of the fastest ratings in Lithuania, so you will get even the most impatient visitors to the site.

People working in the IT industry really know the privilege of the closed source against open security. Because CMS is not available on a large scale, and the code is known only to us, the chance that your site will be cracked, infected with viruses or stolen your customer information is almost completely missing.

Binding / optimization with accounting systems, restaurant management systems, CRM, warehouses
To optimize the work of e-shops, we connect the CMS with accounting systems, restaurant management platforms, CRM and live warehouses. This saves you a lot of time, as balances, prices automatically renew. If necessary, we can also install more desirable features to make your job easier.

Cost reduction
Laying an online store with accounting systems, live warehousing, CRM, restaurant management system, and highly optimized work. Simplicity of the system has a great influence on the speed of information editing, therefore, you are fully sure enough to have one employee monitor the e-shop for your business to be profitable for you.

A leader's position among competitors
Search engine optimization is one of the key factors in your web site or email. Shop success. In the Content Management System, you can easily place the necessary keywords, edit the text in order to occupy the leading positions in the search engines.

12 month. Technical assistance
Even after completing the project, we will consult you on twelve months on various issues related to the content management system, we will provide system maintenance work, correct the detected errors.

48 month. Management System Updates

We are continuously improving our content management system. When you host a site on our server, you will receive CMS updates as soon as they are installed.


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