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Style is the first thing a consumer sees.


It can lead to confidence, to awaken curiosity, but it can also force a close page and look after competitors. An unattractive template will not spoil anything, it's more disturbing than helping to shape an image of an organization. We all know that solid corporate image gives confidence, which, in turn, boosts sales. Therefore, it is necessary to stand out on the Internet so that when you visit your website or e-shop, the customer will not only stay there, but also purchased goods. Analyzing user needs, which sites provide added value to the company and expands the circle of users.

Let's not forget about another very important factor - search engines. Design also has certain requirements that must be met in order to "enjoy" the search engines as much as possible. (Google, YaHoo, Bing, etc.). Although you can be unique, however, if you are invisible and your customers will not be there, your website or e-shop will not make sense. This is not just a part of the image, but a tool that should increase your profit.


Corporate identity is a corporate recognition mark that recognizes and evaluates your business. Brand names come with all businesses, but not all of them. Our competent and responsible designers will create a memorable and appropriate corporate identity. The corporate style is usually chosen: logo, envelope, form, invoice, business card.

Logo design and preparation for patenting
The logo is an essential piece of corporate identity that tracks your business from the source to success. The logo must reflect the activities, ideas and visions of your company. The fonts, colors and symbolism used to express your contact with your customers and the distinction between competitors. Bona solutions will update your old logo.
Business cards
A business card is a representative tool for you or your business. In the first 15 seconds, according to psychologists, the first impression is made of its owner. This is a great communication tool.


A flyer is a circular, rectangular or other form of promotional leaflet. Printed on paper and designed to distribute information in public, this small leaflet can be quickly distributed exactly where the largest flows of people go. This advertising method is used not only by many individuals but also by large companies. This is the perfect solution for announcing an event or promoting the service offered.

Creating promotional banners
The purpose of banners, or in Lithuanian, is to attract target audiences to your web site. Using the synthesis of animation, sound (some of the openers), video and textual material, we create a banner that becomes noticeable and effective. We create banners of various sizes and formats, according to special requirements, branded style and we take into account the design of the website, in which the banner will be placed.

3D graphics
We create multi-purpose 3D objects, 3D animations, 3D visualizations. With functional digital graphics applications, we will display images, objects, characters, and more in 3D space. The experience and technology of graphic arts professionals make it possible to create a realistic 3D product and visualize the desired idea.

Responsive design
Responsive design creates a single web page design that adapts to the size of the device that a web page visitor uses when browsing the web. The website uses the same content of the site, photographs, the same database is used.


Having analyzed your desires and needs by creating effective business tools, not just beautiful pictures.

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