About BONA B2C



Over 1100 unique projects implemented 


Coffee mugs for the development of closed-source content management systems


Added work hours are probably the best specialists in the field of SEO


Bona Solutions - The Way to a Successful Business.

Business and our lives are on the rise of the Internet

It's impossible to imagine a successful company without a good, functional website and big sales, globally, without an online store.

It is very important that the website not only reflects the face of the company, but also attracts consumers and increases the profit of the company, in other words, it will perform its direct function. Depending on your company and current browsing trends, we provide added and long-term IT services that bring our customers higher profits and help achieve their goals.

  • Over 1100 unique projects implemented;
  • Some of the best SEO professionals;
  • System development;
  • Unique closed-source content management system (CMS) business segment;
  • Project development;
  • Website development;
  • Creation of electronic stores;
  • Job optimization;
  • Solutions to emerging IT situations.


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